About Adelaide Osteopathy

At Adelaide Osteopathy our Osteopaths aim to identify the cause of pain by using a natural hands on approach. We assist in re-establishing overall balance of your body in movement and in health.

We create an individual treatment plan to address each patient’s health needs and support their recovery through education, rehabilitation and body awareness.

Our Osteopaths are experienced and qualified practitioners with experience in treating all ages, from newborns, pregnant women and elite athletes to the elderly making us an ideal choice for all members of your family.

What We Treat

Osteopathy assists in treating but is not limited to the following health complaints:

  Neck, back and shoulder pain
  Sciatica and leg pain
  Tennis elbow

  Work injuries
  Headaches and migraines

  Pregnancy related complaints
  Hip pain
  Sport injuries

  Joint and muscle pain
  TMJ / jaw pain
  Children and babies