Dr. Courtney Mitchell

Courtney completed her studies at RMIT University in Melbourne in 2009, then moved to Adelaide to work as an Osteopath.  She set up Adelaide Osteopathy in 2014.

Courtney has a keen interest in neck pain, headaches, back pain, pregnancy related issues and sports injuries. Courtney also enjoys treating children and babies.

Using a wide variety of techniques including massages, joint manipulation and articulation, muscle energy technique, trigger point dry needling and other gentle techniques, Courtney enjoys treating people of all ages.

Dr. David Gardner

David studied at RMIT University in Melbourne, moving to Adelaide 2 years ago to practice.

He enjoys treating people of all ages with a special interest in acute injuries, sports injuries and postural related complaints.

He uses a wide variety of techniques including massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, and trigger point dry needling.

David has a strong passion for exercise rehabilitation. Being a swimmer and water polo player he is interested in analysing biomechanics and helping people perform at their best.